Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway

        Chillicothe Subdivision

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Trackside Details


TP&W, IL.      -      NS Continental, OH.       -       CSX Deshler, OH.

Illinois Central - Gilman, IL


CSX Troy, OH.


BNSF Verona, IL


Erie Junction and it's train order stand


NS - Maple Grove, OH.


Lima, OH.          -           Deshler, OH.

BNSF Shifted Load Detector, Illinois River Bridge, Chillicothe, IL.

An ancient Dragging Equipment Detector on the TP&W - Illinois - 2008

TP&W / Amtrak Diamond

Shot this diamond in Illinois on the Amtrak Line. The Amtrak route has no flangeways, thus no rough crossing, as they run 80MPH through here. The crossing route actually goes up a slight incline on each side of the Amtrak route, sort of a ramp. The TP&W speed across the diamond is 10MPH and it's got to be rough, even at that speed.