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Williamstown Depot Project

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EX-Toledo& Ohio Central Depot, dismantled, moved about 50 miles and restored on our property, near Wapakoneta, Ohio. Originally located in Williamstown, Ohio. Built about 1895. 

Below is how we did it!

    Well, if you ever wanted to move a depot, here are some pictures to help with your decision. If you find a depot to buy, you could move it in one piece if you have the money, but a more economical way is to mark all the pieces carefully, make some sketches, take lots of photos, dismantle it in panels, stack it and transport it.

    Right place, at the right time. The Williamstown depot sat along the tracks of the NYC Toledo Branch until 1959. The government wanted to build an overpass for US Rt. 30, 'The Lincoln Highway', over the NYC. The depot was offered for free by the NYC to anyone who could move it, could have it. A local Williamstown family decided to take the depot and move it into their backyard. It was moved in one piece, about 10 blocks west with plans to use it for storage. Over the years, virtually nothing was done to the depot, except to fill it with junk. I happened to drive by in 2001 and stopped to take some pictures. I talked to the owner about the future of the building and he told me it was scheduled to be burnt in a practice session by the local fire department. He said if I could move, I could have it. It was a deal!?!


Over the next several weeks I installed a foundation at our home, lined up a truck and small crane to rig the depot out of Williamstown. We removed the roof and added some bracing to the trusses prior to dismantling. I needed a high and wide permit from the state of Ohio as well. We made some measurements and sketches, figured out where to cut it and got ready for the big day. Everything was marked. The night before the move, we made all major cuts, so the depot was just barely standing on it's own. A strong wind over night could have spelled disaster!


Moving day! With the depot sections almost ready to lift, the crane and truck arrived on time, it was a nice day. First, went all the trusses, followed by wall section after wall section and finally the bay window. With the foundation waiting at home, we were on the road! Don't forget your wide load permit and travel route! Assembly was a simple matter of reversing the order of dis-assembly.


Last piece! And, a trailer load of fire wood!


Slowly going back together, Sept 11,2001 - Not a plane in the sky!


Roof sheeting, including bead board for overhangs, just like the original.

DSCN1367.JPG (88014 bytes)

The depot's exterior has been restored to represent a period railroad scheme and color combination. It now houses our speeder collection.